Thursday, 6 August 2009

Victorian Masters IRTT Series #3

Another cold and windy day in Wangaratta for round three. Back to the 'T' course from round 1 this time. The drizzle cleared up before riders were off but the roads were still a little damp. The wind was almost the opposite to last time we did this course so that changed the time splits to each turn around point.

Still wearing number #1 I'm off last again - I was going to pace myself off John Cane who as #2 and my minute man up the road. The starters were a little early again which meant John missead his start - rather than enforcing a 'foot down and go' policy, he sweet talked them into letting him go after me. So my plans to use him as an out-marker were shot! Damn! :)

My warm up was good and I'd ridden the last half of the course earlier so I had a chance to pick out a few critical points on the road in regard to wind direction. Off to a good start and just ticking over the first few kms getting into the rhythm. First turnaround split was a little slower than round one, but the wind was different on the day, and this time the turnaround looked a little further up the road. Back into the 'meat' of the TT the wind was the biggest factor (no surprises there in a flat TT!) At the last turn around I was still feeling good - the home straight was all a blur and a massive tail wind. Across the line at 26:42 and PB power numbers for a flat 20km ITT on the TT bike - nice, everything fell into place for the ride.

1st place on the day, making it three from three. John Cain wasn't far off in 2nd, and Matt Chessum in 3rd.

Results MEN "A" GRADE:

1 MILLER, Shane HAW 26.42.47 1st
2 CAIN, John CAR 26.57.23 2nd
4 CHESSUM, Matthew CAR 27.21.63 3rd
5 YOUNG, Steven GEE 27.32.50 4th
3 DAY, Michael CAR 27.36.21 5th
6 LAMA, Martin BBN 27.37.50 6th
11 SAYERS, Darren CAR 27.59.67 7th
13 TAUBE, Martin SGW 28.07.52 8th
8 ROBINSON, Glen SVC 28.08.04 9th
7 CHADDERTON, Nicholas HAW 28.08.58 10th


Buttsy said...

Well done on the win, I am now getting nervous about next Friday, dont know the profile at all...there are 42 women entered and I think I will be taking my HED disc wheel - have only ridden a disc wheel once ever which was our ZIPP disc which is set up for track at the moment.....a PB at Wang is fantastic timing leading into the Geelong ITT

GPLama said...

The Vic State Elite champs ITT won't be a target event for me - but I'll give it a crack. Geelong CC have a TT the next day too - so it'll be back to back training for the final two Masters ITTs. Can't wait! Disc wheels are easy on the open road, you don't even know its there.. a deep front wheel in the wind causes problems!