Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Coburg CC National Boulevard Crit Feb 20th, 2010

Race plan: Sit in for an easy ride and save the legs for the Humevale Time Trial on Sunday. That plan lasted less than two laps. Matt Sherwin (Maccabi CC) got on the front and kicked the pace into gear. I jumped across to his wheel and the bunch didn't respond. The two of us were away and the gap kept on growing.

With a warm 40km/h headwind down the back straight everyone thought we were doomed, including the corner marshals, but we kept at it. From the first lap we were away we worked turns at exactly the same spots. We were held up a few times by trucks at the roundabout intersection but we got straight back into the rhythm, and kept out of sight.

One and a half laps to go we lapped the main A grade bunch. I asked Sherwin what he wanted to do, "Just keep doing what we've been doing"... and thats what we did. We passed A grade and kept motoring along. Bell lap and nothing changed, same turns, same rhythm. Just making a two man break away stick was reward enough for me - so I was happy to lead Sherwin out down the home straight, there was no chance I could out sprint him and there was no chance I wanted to attack someone who'd worked so well all day in the break. Crossing the line was sweet, there were quite a few people there watching who were happy to see us collect 1st and 2nd after working hard off the front all race. Whoever was there taking photos - send them to me!

I've copped a lot of flack about not contesting the win, but for me, racing isn't all about winning at all costs. I'm too old to try and impress anyone on my way to a ProTour contract - but never too old to enjoy hard racing, good sportsmanship, and competing against some of these young guns that someday may have ProTour contacts.

A Grade results (3-4 from memory, will correct if needed when they're posted)

1st. Matt Sherwin (Maccabi CC)
2nd. Shane Miller (Kosdown/HCC)
3rd. David Holt (Kosdown)
4th. Nathan Elliott (TFM/Brunswick CC)



You are only 6 years older than Sherwin....

How is it sportsmanship to not race properly? It's unsporting to deny someone the opportunity to beat you straight up.

2 cents ;-)

May the flack continue!!

doyletime said...

how is it fair to your team mates, sponsors and supporters to let other people win.

C-M said...

I dunno... I reckon you're still fairly young Shane. Maybe you could try winning some non-TT's? You might enjoy it... never know?