Friday, 26 February 2010

Coburg TT Humevale Feb 21st 2010

The course is just under 10kms with 7kms of climbing at around 3-4%. The surface on the climb is rough as guts - riding down it is impossible at speed. 9am start became a 9:30am start so we had time to roll the flat section a few times and 1/2 way up the climb before we set off.

This was a club event run by Coburg CC with prizes for Coburg riders - but like last time they welcomed riders from from other clubs to chase and be chased. Notable absentee from the small field of guests was Martin Lama (Blackburn) '09 Victorian M2 ITT champion. A new face was on the scene was a Hawthorn CC 'newbie', Raoul Luescher. Raoul was an unknown to the organisers so was placed mid pack. Next time I'll tell them to check for power meters - having an SRM means you're to be placed rear of field with us! heheh. Nathan Elliott (TFM/Brunswick) was 2nd last, I was off last.

I decided to ride the road bike with clip-on TT bars since the surface was crap and the road was winding. That decision worked out alright, I was on the TT bars the whole way up the climb except for the last few hundred meters. The pacing plan was good - I caught sight of Elliot about half way up, caught up to him, where he then matched my speed. We were side by side for a while before he faded just a little and let me go. Keeping the power down through the rough corners was the most difficult part of the climb. The bumps throw you around on the saddle which isn't ideal for smooth pedal strokes.

After bombing back down the main road we headed to Whittlesea for a bakery stop where we had a chat with Raoul about all things bikes over a coffee. The guy has some serious credentials when it comes to all things aero and really knows his stuff. It was his carbon fixing handiwork that got my Scott CR1 back on the road after my Tour of Bright stack in '09 - the same bike I rode in this TT! :)

Results: (more results and times when published).
1. Shane Miller (Kosdown/HCC)
2. Nahtan Elliott (TFM/Brunswick)
3. Dave Younger (Kosdown/Coburg - 1st Cobug rider).

Photos up on my Facebook.

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