Monday, 27 December 2010

Enduro of Zero

Zero actual distance that is.  After the Yarra St repeats yesterday I was pedaling in squares, and waking up to rain (what a surprise Melbourne!) an indoor session on the rollers was on the cards.  The rollers don't get much of a work-out, recovery days and the occasional high cadence sessions - all the good indoor sessions are on the Kurt Kinetic.  I only purchased the rollers as they were something I hadn't tried - keeping upright on them.... and my report card for keeping upright on a bike isn't that good.

30 minutes is about my time limit on the rollers, watching TV/YouTube/movies while not falling off isn't all that fun and having to keep turning the pedals means no let up.  I had a few replies and follows with the Yarra St stuff, in the middle of it all Jono Lovelock made this comment:

24hrs is insanity, the longest I've ridden in the past 6 years is just under 5 1/2 hrs on the road.  I'd done a little more in the Around the Bay with Jaywoo back in 2004 which was a lifetime of riding ago.  But, Jono got me thinking.  I had not ridden until I fell over sideways of exhaustion, I wonder how long it'd take? With no plans for today, six hours on the rollers sounded like something I could knock over or die trying....

I wasn't going to have my PowerTap, head unit, or HR strap die during the session, so they all got new batteries... and some energy for me too.

The ride....
- In the hurtbox after 35 minutes and I wasn't even cranking it! Long day ahead.
- This was meant to be a technique/recovery ride...
- Got off the bike every hour for a few minutes for food/water.
- Started fighting the pain demons at 55min, 1hr50, 2hr45, 3hr40 - spot the pattern?
- By hour 3 I figured out wearing two pairs of knicks was the way to go.
- I hit the wall (mentally, maybe?) at 4hrs 30mins.
- The last 1hr30 were hell, as you can tell in the WKO graph.

Duration:       6:00:15
Work:            4428 kJ (real kJ again, and it felt twice as hard as yesterday)
Norm Power:  210 (almost recovery watts, endurance maybe)
Distance:       316.024 km (!!! Not real kms when cranking at 50km/h, but amusing)
Heart Rate:    145 bpm
Cadence:        98 rpm (the final 90 minutes brought this below 100)
Speed:            53.1 kph

TV playlist:
- Movie "Tomorrow, When The War Began". Don't bother.
- New TopGear x2, not into the cars, more their production budget!
- Californication new series 4 first two episodes...Fox Mulder and lols.
- Ten News.
- Dr Who Christmas special.

Stumbling around and seeing straight was a challenge once the 6hrs were done, so Jono, I'm no enduro.  It'll take a lot more training.  Colonel Sanders had the post ride nutrition I was after... the walk there was interesting, way too much sugar/water/high carb food for the afternoon.. then almost falling to sleep on the walk home.  Definitely not an enduro.

So tomorrow I hope to do a real recovery ride. I'm roasted!


Andy C said...

That is a serious effort! I struggle with 30min on the rollers. I guess get a few good movies going and you will be right.

bigmat78 said...

Totally Rad Shane! I think 60-80 mins is my max on the rollers, anything beyond that is both mentally and physically numbing. Perhaps a roller derby is the next event on the cards?

Anonymous said...

you are an idiot, but we love you


Blah said...

There. Said it.

Blah said...

Actually, after 6 hours on the rollers, you might need to see a doctor about getting a nutjob :-)

PS. The verification thing in the comments has given me 'leadouto'. That Italian?