Friday 7 January 2011

HCC Kew Crits 5th Jan 2011 & Yarra St Redux

While the hardcore riders were contesting the Bay Crits and tapering for the Australian Elite National Championships, there were a few of us still in town to have a decent hit-out at the Kew crits on Wednesday night.  I hadn't raced Kew in two years, Jono mentioned he'd make a show - so it was on, just like old times.

Only 10 in A-Grade, but not a bad line up:

Jono Lovelock (Genesys) - In new team kit, on a new team bike!
Stuart Morgan (in2sport) - 2010 Tour of Bright M1/2/3 winner.
John Groves (Apollo)
Floris Goesingen (Drapac) - Drapac's new signing from the Netherlands. ex-Skil-Shimano.
Rowan Dever (Total Rush)
Cam Clamp and Mat Marques (HCC) - Who'd also been contesting the Bay Crits.
Mark Ukotic (Sunbury), Lynton Zawadski (SKCC), and me (me).

My PowerTap decided to go flat right on the start line, so no power data from me.  I managed to accidentally pair my Garmin to Rowan Dever's PowerTap just as we rolled off.  This made for interesting viewing when he was sitting 2nd wheel to me down the back straight!  Then all race my Garmin was beeping in and out as he came within range.

On lap 1 nobody knew if Goesingen (Drapac) was in the race - did he register? Miss the start? By lap 2 the red Drapac kit was with us - bugger!  Trying to split a small bunch turned out to be more difficult than I'd expected.  It didn't happen.  Not up the hill, not over the hill, not down the hill, all moves were pulled back within a few laps.  The intermediate sprint was called at 30mins, Goesingen and Morgan had 15m off the front along the back straight.  Clamp put the hammer down and lead me out into the corner where I still wasn't sure if the two ahead were going to contest the sprint... they appeared to be watching each other, so while they played, I crept around the outside and took what I'd hoped was a new pair of socks by a few lengths.  (turns out there are no socks anymore, just Winners Bars x4, which taste better than socks).

Three or four laps to go (I can't recall) Morgan takes off solo and puts a 50m in the bunch.  No immediate reaction, but not long after Goesingen jumps, I grab his wheel and we get across to Morgan.  The three of us were shut down very quickly.  Bell lap, Goesingen jumps from the bunch, again I scramble for his wheel.  I was hoping he'd pull a nice long turn to the hairpin - wishful thinking!  He swung me through not long after and I had to pull a turn on the back straight, which was honest, but very short!  Into the corner we were clear of the bunch.  Goesingen goes very wide and waits for me to dive up the inside, and I did, thanks!  We drag race to the line and I take the win by a lot less than 1/2 a wheel.  No idea how I pulled that off.  Course knowledge, grabbing the right wheels at the right time, a little bit of luck, and a lot of encouragement from the sidelines (thanks!)

Jono and his new kit and bike - nice!
Sock sprint....for no socks!
Jono pulling an easy turn (back in August 2005!)
Bell lap - Not letting that wheel go anywhere... and in a lot of pain!

Results (HCC website):
Summer Criterium No.12
A Grade (10 riders, 40 minutes + 3 laps)

1. Shane Miller (Hawthorn)
2. Floris Goesingen (Netherlands)
3. Cam Clamp (Hawthorn)
Intermediate Sprint: Shane Miller (Hawthorn)

Yarra St Redux

"I think 100 is a possibility"....

It was.
Distance: 130.99 km
Duration: 6:02:13
Work: 4604 kJ
TSS:  436.7
Elevation Gain: 4,140 m
Norm Power: 290W (Ave was 210, bah!)

A test to see what, if anything, would break first.  Legs, lungs, knees, bike, mind.  Started early to beat the heat.  33 done, then empty bottles.  Home for new bottles, then the heat kicked in.  More laps then a quick stop to the Kew Boatshed for a Coke.  It was bin day - so there were a few 'dances with garbos' up the climb or shooting down the backstreet.  Home again around 12ish for more bottles, food, and finger tape ('ergo' levers are not so comfortable after a while).  In the end, nothing broke.  100 laps done for no reason other than to see if I could.  And now I don't feel so bad for buying 1.1kgs of lamingtons! NOM!

.... Enjoy the Aust Road Champs, should be a good weekend for it (as it is every year!)


Blah said...

Good job, Llama!
The final sprint looks as tough as ever.
Love the 2005 pic - that looks a lot more familiar.


You should be sent to the loony bin. 100 TIMES?!?!?!?!?!?! ;-)