Saturday, 12 March 2011

Coburg CC: Nat Blvd Crit March 12th 2011

Back to summer days and breakaways. Four or five guys got up the road early on, Floris Goesinnen (Drapac) didn't want to let them get too far away and drove the pace up to keep them within reach. The break was closed down by a few others at the 25 minute mark. As the catch happened I was mid pack, Goesinnen on my wheel. A glance and nod between us and the counter attack was underway. We pulled clear for half a lap, Cam Clamp (HCC) bridged across from the chasing bunch. A lap later we were joined by two other riders, then Paul Redenbach rips across the gap. The two others were toasted and rode Redenbach off the back of the break, he dropped the hammer again and came back to us without them. The break was now Goesinnen, Clamp, Redenbach, and me. Great company for the next 45 minutes of racing.

The four of us team time trialed until the 'three to go' sign was shown. Usually the games begin on bell lap. But in balls-out-style Goesinnen opens up a sprint with 4kms to go! Chase or lose the race. He tried the same move a number of times trying to get away solo. Clamp and I closing the gap each time and shredding ourselves in the process. Final lap, on the back straight I was toasted, Goesinnen and Redenbach had pulled away from Clamp and I by a few lengths. Clamp comes past me, I can't get on his wheel. Lucky for me they slowed up on the final rise playing cat and mouse. I sit 4th wheel on Clamp as he tries to close to the other two who were soon sprinting to the line. I only had enough in the legs to come around Clamp but not get within striking distance of the other two. Those were the toughest final three laps I've ever raced on that course, and being schooled by a pro and ex-pro and still collecting $60 wasn't a bad day at all.

A Grade Results.
1. Floris Goesinnen (Drapac)
2. Paul Redenbach
3. Shane Miller (Kosdown)
4. Cam Clamp (HCC)

Random Visual:

NASA space shuttle cockpit...  And a cigarette and anti-cancer ribbon....

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