Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The road to.... Sydney!

The 2011 Masters Track Nationals are in Sydney this year, 850kms further away than last year. Unlike the junior/development/elite state representatives, once you compete in 30yo+ age group events you're on your own. But, I've been fortunate to have a few supporters who are helping me get up to Sydney (and beyond) and attempt to defend the MMAS1 TT/Kilo and 3000m Pursuit championship titles next week.

- Kosdown Printing, K. W. Doggett Fine Paper, and our team boss who runs the show, Kos Samaras. These guys have helped to take the sting out of competing in Sydney.

- Raoul Luescher @ for the super light, super white, and super fast shoes I'm still prototyping. And for his tubular tyre expertise! I've finally had the dead-as-a-rock Conti on the Zipp disc swapped for a much faster tyre. The improvements we found in the wind tunnel last year have adapted to the track bike very nicely too.

- A Kosdown team mate put me onto a local chiropractor/nutritionist/musculoskeletal expert who has offered me a sponsorship for the next few months - straightening out my bones - making sure my past breaks/injuries are 100% - and searching for those 1%'ers when getting power to the pedals.

- And anyone who takes the time to read these posts... follow my Twitter junk, and who click 'like' on my inappropriate postings about zippers on Facebook... :)

Thursday 24th March.
Event 1. 9am. MMAS1 Time Trial 1000m.

Saturday 26th March.
Event 64. 10am(ish) MMAS1 Pursuit 3000m Qualifier.
Events 87-88 Late afternoon. MMAS1 Pursuit 3000m Finals.

Crits, TTs, and secret intervals on the TT bike. Two or three more crits and a 2km prologue on Sunday at the Corporate Crit Series should be good race pace intensity before Sydney.

Time for some serious race face, followed by even more serious pain face.

Good luck to anyone ripping the Oceanias TT and Road Champs, the Mansfield crits, Mt Buller road race, and anything else that's on. Remember to attack, lots!

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G'Luck :-)