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Cycling Victoria and Geelong CC ITTs - Paraparap. June 18th 2011

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Round #2 of the 2011 Victorian Masters IRTT series was hosted by Geelong CC on Saturday in typical wintery conditions. Geelong CC run a number of time trials throughout the year that I've competed in before, so finding 'Paraparap' wasn't a problem, and I was familiar with the out-and-back (but not back to the starting point) Forest Rd course. 9:30am was the 28km Cycling Victoria Open ITT event, with a club holding a TT on the same course at 1:30pm. I originally thought the second TT was going to be a slightly shorter 20kms, but this wasn't the case. On the menu was 2x 28km. Thinking I'd bitten off more than I could chew, I'd put everything into the first one and see what was left for the second.

All familiar faces at the rego desk, Cycling Victoria officials from last weekend at the Three Day Tour, and also Shaun O'Callaghan. Last weekend Shaun was ripping it up in the 3DT, taking out the yellow jersey in C Grade, this week he was out at Paraparap doing his bit for the sport on the other side of the table. Great to see.

There was a little drizzle about on the course so the roads were damp. The wind was 30km/h westerly. This meant a 3km head wind, into a side-ish wind on the out and back section. John Cain (TFM-Celtic) was my target for the day at one minute up the road. A few of the Masters riders in contention for the four-race series were DNS which means a major shuffling of the series as riders have to compete in all four.

I was out of the gates at exactly 10:21am, into the headwind, and chasing TT arch rival John Cain. It took a while to get John in my sights. At around 8km I was pegging him back, slowly, all while getting covered in road filth from passing cars near the quarry entrance off Forest Rd. I was only a few lengths off his wheel at the 15.8km turnaround point. John took off like a rocket from the turnaround opening up a gap that would take me another 3-4km to close and pass him (thanks to the hills!). John pegged me at about 10 seconds up the road for the final 10kms. The final km is a quick run to the line. I clocked 38:49, a happy power number for a 28k-er, and a heart rate that proved I was working hard to keep John behind me!

We had to wait for the presentations to find out the final results. Andrew Weightman (Cycling-Inform) had just nudged out John at the Vets ITT Champs a few weeks ago for the Gold in the MMAS4 category. Results in - I took out the win, with Weightman in 2nd, again just ahead of Big John in 3rd. No stress from John though, I hear he will actually start training this week.

A Grade - Cycling Victoria Paraparap ITT

1. Shane Miller (Kosdown)     38:49
2. Andrew Weightman (Cycling-Inform) +1:08
3. John Cain (TFM-Celtic)        +1:14
4. Martin Lama (BBN)              +2:00

Full Results
Photo Gallery: By @thebellevelo

Geelong CC 28km ITT

Lunch eaten, bike cleaned, warm up v2.0 done, back to the start line. John Burtt and Rudy Schmidt running the show this time around, much less stress involved. No sheep stations up for grabs at a club TT, just glass trophies, the kind that remind me of what Nana Miller used to bring home from the Jeparit Golf Club when she had a good day out. Geelong CC riders also battling among themselves for aggregate points for the road season.

After a few laughs on the start line, and a generous gap of three minutes to my 'minute man', I was off again. The legs were feeling good for the first 5km but I backed off just a little as there was still another 23km to go. Filthy conditions again, wet road, and the wind was still blowing. 10kms in I finally caught my first rider, from the non-aero category. I can't hear a lot with the TT helmet on, but I do recall some interesting language describing the speed differential as I came past this guy. From there onwards riders were evenly spread up the road from both aero and non-aero categories. The final 5kms were the toughest of the day, slogging into the wind and seeing how close I could get to my earlier time of the day. Across the line with 39:31. 42 seconds slower, but only 6W down in power. Lots of interesting data to review and compare from the two events.


Aero Category
1. Shane Miller (Kosdown)   39:31
2. Stephane Vander Brugg   +06:50
3. Mick Sheehan                  +08:51
4. Bob Gartlabnd                 +08:56
5. Nick Lanham                   +09:12

Non-Aero Category
1. Simon Masters (Geelong CC) 47:45
2. Daryl Suter                              +0:57
3. Erik Holt                                +01:43
4. William Key                          +01:54
5. Dennis Wright                       +02:17

Full results, write up, and pics over at Geelong CC.

John holding, Rudy keeping an eye on the cows.

Started two TTs with a clean bike. Finished two TTs with a filthy bike.

Next up, two more TTs next weekend. Gippsland TT champs on Saturday then back to Kew on Sunday for the 20km roller-coaster TT. 15 road TT wins clocked up in 2011, new goal is as many as I can keep doing. The secret (and not so secret) lists of things I need to upgrade/improve is growing after every event. The obsession continues.... 

Supporting the Supporters

Cycling Victoria - I'm thanking these guys a lot these days, but for good reason. Making the TT series a reality, having commissars show up early on weekends to run the events, pushing out results / write ups / and entry reminders on the Internet. All very handy.

Geelong CC - John, Rudy, Simon (webmaster), and everyone involved all day Saturday. Also for the free food from Bakers Delight, the BBQ, the accurate timing, and for always welcoming riders from other clubs to their events. I'll always be on the start list if I can get down that way when they're running a TT.

Paul Ambry - For sorting out a horror tubular tyre situation I was in. Tyre glued, race won on it. Ace!

Team Kosdown - In particular the team boss, Kos Samaras, who after putting in some long hours this week with a new team website launch, ended up with a broken collarbone today while racing a Vets crit race. All the best with the healing Kos!

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