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Gippsland ITT Champs & Blackburn CC Kew ITT (June 25-26th 2011)

Guns and Time Trials - ACE!
Another two-up TT weekend, my 17th and 18th TT for the year. Gippsland ITT Championship titles at Cloverlea and Blackburn CC hosting Round #2 of the Bikes DeVer ITT Series at Kew. After a week of indoor intervals thanks to the rain, I'd be under done or well tapered. The weather gods were on our side again, with two days of sunshine and a little bit of wind.


Gippsland ITT Championships 2011 - June 25th 2011

Hosted by Warragul CC. Elite was three times around the 11.33kms around the Cloverlea circuit, 34kms all up. As an 'outsider' I was allowed entry but not allowed to contest the title (Gippsland clubs only). This was fair enough, I wish the state titles would run the same way.... The course was brilliant. A rolling hills section for a few kms, mixed with some long straight flat sections. It had something for everyone. Including the sweet organic smell of cow shit and small yappy dogs running on the road. Thankfully Mr Yappy got out of my way before being introduced to Mr High Pressure Tubular.

I was off 2nd off in Elite, #1 was 30 seconds ahead and caught and passed 900m in. My catch-and-release race strategy was thrown out the window early on with nobody up the road for the next 20kms until I started hitting the later starting Masters grades. Kane Walker (Genesys) was the only name I knew on the Elite start list. Nothing like a National Road Series rider 11 years my junior to make sure I kept my head down for the whole 34kms!

Three consistent laps, 46:07 44.2km/h, it was a quick course. I rode the fastest time of the day, with Kane Walker in 2nd with a 49:24 and taking the Gippsland Elite ITT title. Another great event by a country club, everyone was keen for a chat, trash talk, and a laugh. Apart from the cows, it was a nice part of the state I hadn't raced before.

Results - Elite (I'll update when they're published)
1. Shane Miller (Kosdown) 46:07
2. Kane Walker (Genesys)  49:24 - Gippsland Elite ITT Champion 2011
3. Jim Timmer-Arends      49:42
4. Simon Baxter           53:37

Blackburn CC Kew ITT (Bikes DeVer) - June 26th 2011

64 pre-entered so the numbers were good even though it was 'Cycling Sunday', clashing with the Preston Handicap (CV) and Melburn-Roobaix (FYXO). Tim White (HCC) was my main concern today. He was meant to start 30 seconds ahead of me, but made it to the start line a handful of seconds late, meaning I was closing on his wheel at the 5km turnaround. A northerly wind usually suits this course, but it was a little too gusty today, blowing us around and very wide on some of the corners. There isn't much more to recall, just pedal hard, hold on, and hope it ends soon!

Results - A Grade
1. Shane Miller (Kosdown) 30:18
2. Tim White (HCC)        31:49
3. Martin Lama (BBN)      32:15 
4. Ciaran Jones (CCCC)    33:18
5. Cam Parlevliet (BBN)   33:19

Full results HERE

To answer James and Andrew who asked me today after the race, today was #17, and I'm still having fun!

Leanne Cole was at Kew taking some 'pain face' shots. Pic Link

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