Sunday, 31 July 2011

CV 2011 Victorian Masters ITT Championships & Blackburn CC Kew ITT.

CV 2011 Victorian Masters ITT Championships, Harcourt, 20km. Saturday July 30th 2011 

Road time trials #20 and #21 for the year this weekend. After a VO2 lab test and a few race-pace intervals on Thursday the legs were not as fresh as I thought they'd be on Saturday afternoon for the Cycling Victoria State Masters TT championships. The course was undulating and a lot tougher than I expected. #1 on my back, and a good pacing plan made up for the tired legs. I caught my one and two minute men just before 7kms in, my three minute man at around 11km.

27:43. 1st place MMAS1 for the state title and fastest time of the day. This TT was the fourth and final round of the Cycling Victoria Masters TT series. Being 1st placed Masters rider in all four events secures that series for me too.

New TT frame, doing its thing. Photo by Leanne Cole Photography

MMAS1 Results.
1st - Shane Miller (Kosdown / Hawthorn CC)
2nd - Stephen Lane (Bike'n'Bean / Footscray CC)
3rd - Shannon Johnson (Bike'n'Bean / Preston CC)
Full Results Here

MMAS1 TT Podium (inside and out of the rain)

Leanne Cole's shots from the weekend are superb! MMAS TT Gallery

Blackburn CC / Bikes DeVer ITT. Kew, 20km. Sunday July 31st 2011

Yesterday was tough, but Kew always takes the cake for pain. On top of the standard pain of TTing today I had something fly into my helmet at 500m into the race and sting the crap out of my ear. I rode half way up the first hill trying to get the little bitey bugger off. At the top I felt the sting kick in, but I could also see my 30 second man, Tom Leaper (BBN) just up the road so that got more of my attention. I caught Leaper at Yarra St on the way back and he shadowed my wheel through to the turn around. I was going to swing my elbow and get him to pull a turn before I managed to shake him.

Lap 2 was 15 seconds slower but still on target for a sub 30 minute time. The SRM just ticked over to 29:00 at base of the last climb, so it was all out to finish within that minute. 29:55. Just made it. It took a few minutes to recover and for the pain of the Bitey McStingy to return. 1st place and 52 seconds clear of Leaper. 20th road TT win for the year.

A Grade Results.
1    1 MILLER, Shane          29:55.29     Hawthorn Citizens Youth Club
 2    2 LEAPER, TOM            30:48.01     Blackburn Cycling Club Inc
 3    3 LAMA, Martin           32:08.26     Blackburn Cycling Club Inc
 4    6 PARLEVLIET, Cameron    33:26.13     Blackburn Cycling Club Inc
 5    4 SPENCER, Jason         33:32.17     Blackburn Cycling Club Inc
 6    5 SHERWIN, Matt          34:27.66     Macedon Ranges CC
 7   71 SITTAMPALAM, Gavin     38:24.26     Blackburn Cycling Club Inc

Full Results Here

The Vic Open TT is in a few weeks down in Geelong where I'll try to better my 21st place from last year up against the large Tour of Geelong field. I'm not expecting to pull anything spectacular out of the bag. It'll be in the middle of training for the Masters Nationals, being a TT lab rat at RMIT, and trying to drop a few useless kgs. Just head down, get it done, see where I end up, then go find a coffee!

In other news I'm now sponsored by THULE (roof racks, rails, cargo carry etc). The team have put up a post about this on the Kosdown website. We've used their rails/bike mount on the Subaru for the last few years, so it was great to have them jump up and get behind me while zipping around in the car chasing racing!

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