Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Cycling Australia - Rules for some, rules for others.

First up have a read of this:

GreenEdge pressured Cycling Australia officials into changing the rules, reportedly only hours before an event. I don't buy into the timing. The team would have packed their race radios long before they'd left home base. This wasn't a last minute decision by GreenEdge after finding the now banned radios behind seat the team van from years past. This was a calculated and planned move. For reasons that nobody other than CA can explain, it worked.

"The result would not have changed". Bullshit. GreenEdge riders now had the potential to receive pacing strategy, time gaps, splits, road conditions, pumping music.... anything to distract from the pain helps. In a game of one-percenters this makes a difference.

I can't put a finger on which side is more evil. GreenEdge for the planning and pressuring of officials, or CA for actually caving into this pressure (then coming out with some pretty embarrassing comments about what the chain of events.)....?

After GreenEdge successfully pressured CA into a rule change. Was everyone informed? No. Did anyone else pre-plan this and pack their radios? No. Is this fair? No.

Cycling Australia Member Protection Policy states "....our support and implementation of the sport industry principles and values outlined in The Essence of Australian Sport - principles of fairness, respect, responsibility and safety." Read further into that document and you'll learn they've broken their own code of conduct. This is a serious mistake they've made.

A lot of focus is put into setting up pathways for juniors in the sport to develop into top riders. What example does this set for them off the bike if the shiny-new-everyone-loves-them Aussie team can pressure CA officials into getting their own way, disadvantaging their competitors in the process.

"Just a storm in a teacup". From the UCI down, enough tea parties already!

This isn't just about the little guys.... Adam Hansen (Lotto) was denied use of radio in this event.

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AMR said...

So dodgy... and a real shame!!