Wednesday, 22 February 2012

2012 Horsham Tri & Coburg CC ITT series kicks off.

We headed back to Horsham last weekend to defend our mixed team long course win from last year. Same team again this year, my midget sister in the run and her boss in the pool, me on the bike. It was well over 30°C when the race got underway. The teams were in the second wave of starters so by the time our swimmer, Mark, got to transition I had a lot of targets up the road on the bike leg.

920W for the first 20 seconds is never a good way to start a TT. I had too much adrenalin ripping past (and almost into!) the spectators on the first corner. By the time I'd sat back down into the TT position I was cooked. I was forced quickly back into TT economy mode and weaving my way through the field.

Von had spent the morning preparing posters with my little nephews to hold up at the race. I told her to have a full drink bottle waiting for me on the first lap. Coming around the corner to finish the first lap I spotted where she and the family were at the last second. I pulled over, dropped down onto my top tube, took her hand, and asked her to marry me. There was a fair amount of noise coming from the crowd, it was hard to hear her response, "Well?". "Of course I will!". "Right, well I have a race to finish here, so I'll go get that done". With that she pushed me off and I went and TTed another 14kms before handing the timing strap to my sister.

Back to work......!
Yeah, I was pretty happy.
The beautiful Von.
Ripping the final corner.
My awesome little midgy sister on the run leg.

Back out on the course I had a great battle with young local Kieran Schneider who was doing his best to keep me from closing on his wheel. He was in a different category and had set off a lot earlier than I did, but there is always a game of fastest bike split to be won! I was catching him early on lap one before my stop, it took until the final 3kms for the catch and release after that. I'll be keeping an eye on the results sheets this season, he'll be up there.

Oh, we won the Mixed Teams long course again too.
(btw - she isn't really a midget, honest.)
By chance a photographer from the Wimmera Mail-Times was there, he captured some great shots that I've posted above. We were lucky enough to get a whole back page article on Monday! Mail-Times Online Article

Full Team Results

The Coburg CC ITT series race #1 is done and dusted. One lap of Wildwood (Strava Segment) after a shocker of a warm-up and it was a very close call. Jono Lovelock (Genesys) was my 30 second man and I'd only pulled back 2 seconds in the end for the win. First TT for the season and probably the worst I've ever felt during one. So much so I gambled on a pacing strategy that really didn't work. Well, it did, but only just.

Round #2 (Strava Segment) is better suited to the goat-like Lovelock, so I've been out on that course trying to work out how to limit my losses. I'm just getting into the long season of TTs ahead, and according to his blog he is fired up more than ever after that 2 second defeat. Game on!

Round #1 - Wildwood Results

Wildwood start line.... The first of many to come in 2012.
Photo by Paul Williams


Farmer Tony said...

A great tale of love on 2 wheels. Also my favourite photo is the "back to work" captioned one. You can see the whole story in the picture.

Faizel said...

Very nice warm, hearty, post. Liked the whole proposal bit. Well Done & Congrats

Groover said...

Congrats! :-)