Friday, 29 November 2013

Tour of Bright 2013 - Masters A ITT

After not being 100% for the Masters Nationals TT, the Tour of Bright TT was where I set my sights. A new goal, a new course, and a new group of riders to compete against in Masters A. In the last few months we mapped the the course, raced it with the Alpine CC, broke it down into sections, and trained my arse off back home specifically for it. More 18 minute intervals were consumed than full meals.

Today was race day. Everything went to plan. Prep, equipment, and execution. Everything in my control was at 100%. It was the only TT I've started with a huge smile on my face for the first 500m knowing everything had fallen into place. No falling off TT bike jokes! I'm still tender. The smile was soon replaced with a grimace for the remaining kilometres.

Photo (c)

Having the perfect ride today was the win for me. Locking in 1st place was a bonus that made it just that much sweeter.

To the minority who've been giving me shit like "Race Elite you mug" or not supporting what I do, thanks, you're just fuel on the fire.

To those who know me, who've spoken to me about my passion for the discipline of time trials, and who've supported me. Thank you. It means a lot. Right now, this crazy game of TT bikes is my world. Today I'm on top.

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