Sunday, 29 June 2014

2014 Northern Combine ITT Championships (inc. SKCC ITT Club Championships)

Waaaaay back in 2007 I won the Elite Men ITT title with the Northern Combine out at Lancefield. Those were the days when no TT helmets were AUS/NZ standards approved, disc wheels were a rare sight, and we were all riding with Polar 725 watches strapped to our handlebars.

A lot has changed in those seven years. And a lot hasn't. If we're not TTing on magic hovering space-bikes in the year 2020 with timing chips embedded in our heads, I'll be disappointed in the lack of progression.

The TT this year was two completely different halves. A 12km slog into a 40km/h headwind with a few crosswind sections to almost flip the bike out from under you, then the 12km return leg touching speeds of 60km/h.

I was the only rider in Elite with a two minute time gap.... causing some race starter confusion. Once they had sorted that out, I was off. The headwind was as expected, the crosswind section was very nasty. Twice I had to get off the TT bars to keep the bike on the road. I was fully expecting to be picked up and put on my arse at any moment. Unfortunately being shitscared doesn't equate to more power to the pedals like anger does.

The anger power came after the 12km turnaround at 60km/h+ during the flying trip home. There was more oncoming traffic than usual. Mostly competitors leaving the event. One even completing two points of a three-point turn in front of me. There was arm waving. There was swearing. If you are going to leave an event before all competitors are finished, please don't drive on the course.

I had my two minute man, Dave Kelly (Total Rush), well in sight at the last turn to the line. Two more front wheel lifts out of the last corner for a final scare. Across the line in 31:34.

Elite Men Results:

1.  Miller   Shane    St Kilda CC  Elite     31.34    
2.  Kelly    David    St Kilda CC  Elite     33.04  +1:30
3.  Chambers Tyson    Hawthorn CC  Elite     33.07  +1:33  
4.  Smith    Morgan   St Kilda CC  Elite     33.17  +1:43   
5.  Dowell   Nick     Brunswick CC Elite     34.36  +3:02   
6.  Samaras  Kosmos   Coburg CC    Elite     36.00  +4:26   
7.  Zgoznik  Michael  Coburg CC    Elite     36.45  +5:11

8.  Horgos   Anthony  CCCC         Elite     41:54  +10:20 
=8. Johnson  Ben      Footscray    Elite     41.54  +10:20   
9.  Barnes   Martin   Coburg CC    Elite     44.09  +12:35   
10. Taylor   Chris    St Kilda CC  Elite     50.12  +18:38   
    Ransom   David    Sunbury CC   Elite     ?  

As predicted, the wind on the did stir things up a little. The time gaps were bigger than in previous TTs. Von had a great ride too, resulting in us being the Mr and Mrs SKCC ITT champions for 2014. Yeah team llama! With no Phillip Island TT this year, it is time to go into hibernation for a week or two before aiming at the next few targets.

Special mention to all the first timers who competed too. A few of us old-hats didn't have the kind of enthusiasm they all did at the start. We knew what we were in for! I promise not every TT is this hard, or hungry. The Vets put on a great spread of food after every TT. See the calendar here for more TT fun. I'll even personally I'll refund your entry money if you enter a TT and the wind is this bad again. :)

Getting Wiggo with it on the way home......

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