Friday, 11 July 2014

Sufferfest - Half is Easy review.

Years ago my indoor training was all about coach Troy. A fit looking guy walking around holding a stopwatch with his t-shirt tucked into his pants. Troy did a pretty good job of getting me and his subjects in the training studio though some solid workouts. After a while I needed something different. Coach Chris and his videos were next up. His videos and interval cut-scenes were more polished than Troy but I soon wore out their motivational value.

Then along came The Sufferfest. I started with the 13-pack bundle a little over a year ago and have added each new video to the collection as they've been released. David and his crew continue to take indoor workout videos to new levels of awesome (and suffering) with every release.


Now to Half is Easy, their latest offering released today. I had my mouse trigger finger ready to download as soon as it went live on their online shop.

Locked and loaded, the workout summary looks like a breeze. The meat of the workout being intervals of 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off. All this packed into a very time manageable 40 minutes.

The video blasts you though each 15 second interval with awesome pro cycling vision and just when you're about to explode... time for 15 seconds easy... with added lolsworth (yes, I made that word up) video clips to bring a smile to your suffering dial.

In summary - Was 'half easy'? Yes, half of it was easy. And since I had a solid day on the training plan, I did the video twice. I was hoping that if half was easy, then doing it twice would make the whole thing easy. Surely that math checks out?

My calculations were wrong. Twice 'Half is Easy' was anything but! I'm fully cooked! Great job on the new video Sufferfest. I'm already looking forward to the future ones.

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