Tuesday, 7 April 2015

South Pacific Veterans Cycling Championships 2015 (M35-39)

The Easter racing carnival in Maryborough is always a solid hit-out just as the winter road season gets under way. I wrote up the event in detail here back in 2013, so I'll keep this write up brief...ish.

Von and I raced with both Central Vets and Eureka Vets in the weekend leading up to the Easter races in Maryborough. "What grade do we put you in?" at Bendigo as a first time visitor there was a welcome change from the usual "Oh shit...". :)

Road Race - Friday 3rd April

SLane and I were in a three man break after 27km, then a two man break at 35km. We cut it pretty fine on the way back into town, with the chasers only a handful of seconds back coming into the the finish straight. I got the jump on SLane and took the cat-and-mouse sprint.

Straight Line 300m Sprints - Saturday 4th April

No tactics, just don't stop sprinting until the finishing line. My early qualifying time was the quickest on the day, and I had a good run in the final to take 1st. I had more than one rider come up to me saying they thought I was just a TT rider.

Dale and I with our fastest of the day awards.

Time Trial 15km - Saturday 4th April

Flat out to the turn, then bring it home harder. I took 1st with with SLane in 2nd. I just missed going sub 19 minutes, and the car that crossed onto the wrong side of the road at the finish line...

Car up!

Criterium - Sunday 5th April

Xavier attacked early. SLane attacked soon after. An echidna joined the race. I bridged across to SLane. He wanted to lap the field. We rode flat out for the next 30 minutes. I bid farewell to SLane when he kicked hard up the final rise about 400m from the line. I rolled in 2nd, with both hands on my handlebars... until after the line where I acknowledged the crowd who stayed there watching the final race of the day. I still managed to get in trouble with the officials for taking my hands off the handlebars.... after the line...  crikey. 

Three wins and a second meant I had accumulated enough points to win the overall aggregate to be awarded the 2015 South Pacific Champion M35-39. The aggregate is a nice bonus for the weekend that ties all four events together to reward consistency.

Cec Cripps Open Handicap - Monday 6th April

With a smooth working scratch bunch, we caught block (3min) at 26km, then the next group around 34km. We swept up a few more before catching the main bunch with 8km to go. At this point two cars decided to join (and split) the peloton more than once. Words were spoken, loudly, and very clearly with the drivers. With the bunch of 60-70 riders all over the road I almost pulled the pin. It was getting messy and very dangerous. I had someone jamming their bars into my arse as I kept onto the left side of the road.

The hammer was dropped and the group soon strung out. Limit was two minutes up the road and would sweep up the top places, so it was a race for fastest time.

I attacked solo on the run into town, with the same result as when I pulled the same move in 2013, chased down quick smart. I then latched on to anyone who wanted to hit the wind. With a bunch kick brewing and a TLC lead-out train starting on the left of the road, Eureka Vets' Matt Bowman rocketed past on the right. I went with him as he pulled away from the bunch then kicked off his wheel for fastest time. 

Other Random Things

- That isn't Australian Champion kit, it is Australian National Team kit, which is close but technically not the same. There were a few people riding around in similar kit on the weekend. Current or previous national champions, fans of the sport, or just riders in 2nd hand kit. I'm proud to be all of the above.

- The meals at the Maryborough RSL are excellent.

- Zwift. People want to know more about it after my post about it the other day. If you've got a Kickr, get on it!

- Di Howdan took a lot of great shots of the whole weekend and has them up here: https://www.facebook.com/SouthPacificChampionships?fref=ts

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