Monday, 15 June 2015

ATTA Serpentine TT 20k - Hire Cars and Clip-on Bars

Any excuse to escape Melbourne at this time of year! Von was over in Perth again for work, so I followed along for the second time in four weeks. The weekend schedule aligned and we had the chance to sneak in another race with ATTA. Being out-gunned with just a road bike last time, I'd packed some clip-on bars and my trusty old TT helmet so I wouldn't be too far off the pace this time around.

The clip-ons were a butchered pair of ski-bends that are perfect for the road bike. I've finally got the front end balance just right for a makeshift TT rig. Add in a skinsuit, TT helmet, and 55mm wheels, it was all systems go for the 20km category.

Hot Tip: The rego/parking area for the Suerpentine is 800m south of the circuit on Hopelands Rd.

Fast roads, almost pancake flat, and a stiff headwind for the first section of the course. Head down, go go go, and don't hit anything was the plan.

20km Top 10:
1 Shane Miller   0:13:03 0:13:18 0:26:20.7 44.98
2 Lee Bolden     0:13:10 0:13:37 0:26:47.7 44.22
3 Troy Coulthard 0:13:37 0:13:49 0:27:25.7 43.20
4 Luke Howe      0:14:28 0:14:36 0:29:04.0 40.77
5 Kieran Scott   0:14:46 0:14:51 0:29:37.0 40.01
6 Simon Copp     0:14:31 0:15:12 0:29:43.8 39.86
7 Julian Krohn   0:15:02 0:15:18 0:30:19.6 39.07
8 Jenny Sammons  0:15:47 0:15:24 0:31:11.1 38.00
9 Rhys Wilson    0:15:52 0:16:01 0:31:52.3 37.18
10 Myles Allen   0:16:34 0:16:32 0:33:06.4 35.79

Full Results

The team from ATTA always put on good events. No fuss registration, electronic timing, lap splits, a coffee cart on site, and results up before we had a chance to cool down. TT bike or not, I encourage anyone to roll up and 'clip' a number on if you're in Perth.

I've uploaded the full ride and data through to Kinomap so if you're keen to come along for the ride on the indoor trainer, lets go!

Other Random Perth Stuff

Dave Kelly was born here, on this very spot. I think.  
Lunch and a very very small car driving past. #iphonepanoramadrama 
Perth hills! This was Zig Zag Road. 

Perth hills... just like Adelaide minus the Commodores.
A zig in the road. 
And the matching zag. 
Magic winters day. Bike paths that stretch on for days!

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