Friday, 10 July 2015

QuadLock iPhone6 Bike Kit

Quad Lock Bike Mount for iPhone 6 

The guys behind the Quad Lock saw my Zwift addiction and knew their product was a perfect match for using the Zwift Mobile App. Within 24hrs I had an iPhone 6 Bike Kit in my hands ready to test out. Impressive since I was on the other side of the country. 

The story behind Quad Lock is pretty cool. Have a quick read here if you have a minute. 

OK - Onto the kit itself.....

Three-in-one Kit - Bike Mount, Case, Poncho.

All the kit. 
The kit, flipped.
 The iPhone 6 case and the removable 'Poncho' (or rain jacket)
Here's an added bonus. The box magnets are prefect size for SRM/Quarq! 

Similar mounting bands as a Garmin mount (Zip ties can be used for a more permanent set up)

Ride On! 
And onto the bell ringing in Zwift..... RING RING!


- Only takes a minute to set up and get mounted.

- The case itself is sturdy and nice enough an iPhone case 24/7. In fact, the whole kit is well made.

- The Poncho is quick to put over top if you're going to be working up a sweat. It covers all holes/buttons making things effectively water-tight, or officially 'weather resistant'. As expected you lose the ability for the thumbprint unlock, and a little of the sensitivity though the Poncho. Both a small price to pay to protect your $ iPhone.

- The mount is rock solid. My handlebars would fall off before the phone does.

- It is easy to unclip with one hand if you want to grab the phone and tap out an SMS, iMessage, Zwift group message, etc.

- You can mount it horizontally too. Handy for apps that use landscape mode.


This solves a problem for me - Having quick and easy access to my phone for Zwift/ergos and during TT warm ups. It'll also be my backup if my Garmin goes flat before a ride (Strava App). 

The product range they have for mounting phones to almost anything* is pretty comprehensive. Arm bands, car mounts, even out-the-front bike mounts! (*No alpaca mount, yet).

Discount Details:

The Quad Lock team have set up a 'gplama' discount for a few % across their entire range.

Official Link:


Eric B said...

Nice review on the Quadlock mount Shane. I've been using the Quadlock out front mount on my road bike for about a year now mainly for navigation.

A new company in my backyard (Chicago area) has a new bike computer mount and appears to be working on a phone mount also. I'm not affiliated with them.

Thanks for all the great content. I've enjoyed the youtube videos especially the KOM descent and your top 10 TT.

Gary Argent said...

I didnt know there was such a thing but will invest in one of these for my iphone 6, they are only selling them on from what i can see though and they are pricey!