Friday, 10 July 2015

QuadLock iPhone6 Bike Kit

Quad Lock Bike Mount for iPhone 6 

The guys behind the QuadLock saw my Zwift addiction and knew their product was a perfect match for using the Zwift Mobile App. Within 24hrs I had an iPhone 6 Bike Kit in my hands ready to test out. Impressive since I was on the other side of the country. 

The story behind QuadLock is pretty cool. Have a quick read here if you have a minute. 

OK - Onto the kit itself.....

Three-in-one Kit - Bike Mount, Case, Poncho.

All the kit. 
The kit, flipped.
 The iPhone 6 case and the removable 'Poncho' (or rain jacket)
Here's an added bonus. The box magnets are prefect size for SRM/Quarq! 

Similar mounting bands as a Garmin mount (Zip ties can be used for a more permanent set up)

Ride On! 
And onto the bell ringing in Zwift..... RING RING!


- Only takes a minute to set up and get mounted.

- The case itself is sturdy and nice enough an iPhone case 24/7. In fact, the whole kit is well made.

- The Poncho is quick to put over top if you're going to be working up a sweat. It covers all holes/buttons making things effectively water-tight, or officially 'weather resistant'. As expected you lose the ability for the thumbprint unlock, and a little of the sensitivity though the Poncho. Both a small price to pay to protect your $ iPhone.

- The mount is rock solid. My handlebars would fall off before the phone does.

- It is easy to unclip with one hand if you want to grab the phone and tap out an SMS, iMessage, Zwift group message, etc.

- You can mount it horizontally too. Handy for apps that use landscape mode.


This solves a problem for me - Having quick and easy access to my phone for Zwift/ergos and during TT warm ups. It'll also be my backup if my Garmin goes flat before a ride (Strava App). 

The product range they have for mounting phones to almost anything* is pretty comprehensive. Arm bands, car mounts, even out-the-front bike mounts! (*No alpaca mount, yet).

Discount Details:

The QuadLock team have set up a 'lama discount' of 30% across their entire range. Shoot me an email/direct message or join up the Zwift Oz Facebook group for the details.

Official Link:

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Eric B said...

Nice review on the Quadlock mount Shane. I've been using the Quadlock out front mount on my road bike for about a year now mainly for navigation.

A new company in my backyard (Chicago area) has a new bike computer mount and appears to be working on a phone mount also. I'm not affiliated with them.

Thanks for all the great content. I've enjoyed the youtube videos especially the KOM descent and your top 10 TT.