Tuesday, 14 July 2015

ATTA Winter By The Lakes - Champion Lakes July 2015

My third ATTA event this year, returning to the same 20km course as we raced in May at Champion Lakes. I'd packed the clip-on bars and TT helmet again for this trip over to WA, so it be interesting to see how much difference they'd make on this course.

Pre event... I won't say how cold it was.... #bloodyfreezing

Making what I have as fast as it can be. #clipons #proas
The Sicasso wheels came in handy! #AsSeenInRideMag
Post event, watching everyone roll in.  

The conditions were almost perfect, except for the wind. There was a slight Easterly which means crosswinds and a slow course. Brad Hall has a great explanation of why here: Time Trialing and Power Meters: When the ‘Race of Truth’ is False

Power pacing was spot on where I wanted it. Passing people on the course caused a few dip/spikes. 

Thanks to the aero add-ons and a nice pair of 55mm wheels, I knocked 48 seconds off my time and set the fastest time of the day with a 26:46. Hoping to get back on a 'fast day' to see how close I can get to 26 flat.... stay tuned!

Full Results

Post race reward - The biggest coffee I've ever had!  

Later that day...... 

I had the privilege of sharing a few insights about 'going faster' at Women on Bikes 2015: A showcase of women's cycling in WA. I thought they were worth sharing here too.

1 - There is no shortcuts. No helmet, wheel, or new gimmick will make up for lack of preparation. There's no secrets either, just hard work and preparation.

2 - Pacing: Go hardest when you're going the slowest. Wind, hills, getting up to speed from corners.

3 - Learn how to 'be fast' on any equipment. TT bike, road bike, razor scooter! Tony Martin swapped bikes with another team mate at the Tour and ended up winning the stage solo, on someone else's bike that wasn't his size/setup. As a TT champion he applied his extensive knowledge of speed to win the stage. Low, narrow, good pacing. This ride put him in the yellow jersey.

And a shout out for the ace wheels I'm rolling around Perth on..... 

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