Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Snap Send Solve - Cyclists, get on it!

As cyclists we spend hours fanging up and down roads, trails, shared paths, and everything in between. During those hours we see a lot of shit, sometimes literally. 

I've used Snap Send Solve for a few years now, from Kew #boulietacks, graffiti, property damage, etc. After using it today at the Kew teardrop I thought it was time to put a few words about it here on the site for anyone who hasn't heard about it.

The app is simple - If you come across something that needs to be cleaned up, or reported, etc - Open the app, take a photo, punch in a few details - Send! Done. It'll go through to the correct people, they'll act on it, you can ride on. It is brilliant. 

Rubbish at the Kew Crit Loop - Reported via the app.
Hopefully gone before the HCC crits in a few hours.

For the tech details - It simply scoops up the photo you take, your GPS coordinates, and the details you provide into an email and shoots it to the relevant authority. It'll be sitting in your 'sent' items if you want to see what's reported. Nothing up their sleeve. 

Snap Send Solve. Get on it. Use it. 2 minutes of your time reporting something can have a really positive impact on those roads, trails, and shared paths we ride. 


Karl Billeter said...

Last time I tried to use it, it required an email client to be set up on the phone.

179.25 said...

Nice app. The EPA also have a great little app to quickly report litter being thrown from cars.