Thursday, 26 November 2015

Garmin Edge 520 Maps: Melbourne/VIC and Adelaide/SA

The summer of road cycling is about to kick off here in Victoria and South Australia, so here's a quick pre-cooked Garmin map file of all the areas the racing covers this summer. I've kept this small for Garmin Edge 520 users with limited device space. These maps are sourced from OpenStreetMap (Routable Bicycle Openfietsmap Lite).

Size: 63MB compressed. 84MB map file. 

Download Link 

*April 2016 Update*

With recent updates to the Garmin 520, the lack of storage memory on these units has now become an issue. Here's a link with Adelaide/SA removed which brings the maps down to 66MB. Download Link I'll look into uploading a more suitable sized map for VIC/SA (maybe NSW/QLD) when I get the chance.

Instructions: Just unzip and overwrite your gmapbmap.img file in /Garmin. *Backup existing map file if required.

If you're using a Garmin unit other than a 520 you can follow these instructions by DCRainmaker to install/configure/etc your own maps, or just rename this map file to gmapsupp.img. Full details over on DCRainmaker.

These maps should cover the following 2015/16 races here in Australia: 

Melbourne - Bay Crits. 
Ballarat - Cycling Australia National Championships
Victoria - Herald Sun Tour
Geelong - Cadel's Race
Adelaide - Tour Down Under 
Misc - Victorian alps and Adelaide hills! 


Marty said...

Does anyone know who maintains those maps? I have looked at that before but the size of the map that just covers the eastern region almost fills up the space on the device. Would be nice to be able to slice up the map a little more.

Shane Miller said...

You might be able to custom/chop the map with an OSM desktop application.... or tool... if one exists? I've only used the web interface to pull down the maps. I agree though, there's lots that could be trimmed for everyday use.

Brendan Hills said...

FYI there are quite a few OSM editors -

John Thurstans said...


I can't see a in my garmin 520 (using mac finder). Can see a file called gmaptz.img

Same thing? Should I overwrite it? rename it?



Shane Miller said...

Not sure on that John. Make sure you back-up whatever you replace/overwrite, and test things out.

The naming might have changed with the newer firmware updates from Garmin of the 520. I've had to chop out Adelaide for it to leave a good amount of space on the 520. I'll upload the Victoria/smaller maps to this page in the next few minutes.