Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas - The Road Cyclist

There's one in every family, office, or random Kris Kringle list you're lucky enough to be a part of - The Road Cyclist. They're almost impossible to buy for. They've got every gadget DC Rainmaker has reviewed, they've got more socks than days in a year, and if there is something they don't own, it is only because they think it's shit. If it wasn't shit, they'd have invested in the Kickstarter and had it before everyone else.

Herein lies the (almost) impossible - Buying a Christmas gift for the road cyclist. Below are a few options that may get you out of trouble this season.

#8 - Gift Cards (AU$ ?)

All of the big online shops offer gift cards/certificates. If you're really stuck and want to play a safe hand, go this route. To support local business drop by your nearest bike shop and pick up a gift card there.

#7 - Water bottles, good ones! (AU~$20-$30)

There is nothing like good quality bottles on rides. My tip - Purist bottles. Google them. Find them. Buy them. It'll be nothing but love from your cyclist friend/associate.

More Info:

#6 - USB Power Brick (AU$20-$50)

For those emergency "I need to charge my Garmin!" and "My phone is almost flat" moments that every cyclist encounters all too often.

Available at most electronic stores.

#5 - RIDE Magazine Subscription. (AU$50-65)

Australia's leading road cycling magazine. Lots of page turning, glossy pictures, and that new page smell your iPad just can't replicate. Go for the Tour de France 2016 guide option too, trust me on that one.


#4 - 1 Year Strava Premium Subscription (US$59.00)

Strava. They may already be on it, they may not. Either way, you can't go wrong with adding 12 months of premium Strava goodness to a cyclist's life. (Not to mention the free 2 months Zwift that comes with it!)


#3 - Sponsorship for Athletes book. (AU$20)

An excellent resource for anyone rolling around representing, or wanting to represent a brand of any sort. Vickie Saunders' book is a must read on how to do it right.


#2 - USB ANT+ Stick. (AU$50-60)

If you don't know what this is, that doesn't matter. If your cyclist friend/associate doesn't know what one is, that also doesn't matter. They'll thank you once they find out what it can be used for! For full effect, get them a 3m USB extension cabe. Again, don't ask questions. ;)

(*This allows a computer to read data from power meters, speed sensors, heart rate monitors, etc. They're required to get the most from Zwift, TrainerRoad, upcoming Sufferfest PC/Mac app, etc. Also come in handy for firmware updates of Quarq, among other things)

Available at good bike stores and online.

#1 One Metre - It matters. ($0 - $?)

Doing away with the idea of giving the cyclist 'something' - Give them your word they have your respect and support as a fellow road user. While you're at it, make a donation to the Amy Gillett Foundation on their behalf. It'll likely mean a lot more to them than anything else you'll find on a store shelf.


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