Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Watopia Zwift Zipp Wheel Test

The Zipp wheelsets in Zwift are more than just visual upgrades for your ride. Using the same Llama Lab parameters as the Road vs TT bike tests, I set out to put all the available Zipp wheel choices to the test around Watopia.

Llama Lab Parameters 

Frame: Zwift TT
Rider Weight: 71kg
Power: 300W / 4.2w/kg sustained.
Course: Watopia (Normal direction)
No power-ups or drafting in the tests.

Power output was accurate to the watt, for science! There was no variance on hills, descents, or for sprints.


Zipp 202
KOM:     2:33.66
Sprint:    29.95
Lap:    13:51.97
Max:    65.2km/h
Zipp 404
KOM:     2:33.66 
Sprint:    29.60
Lap:    13:44.29
Max:    66.0km/h

Zipp 808
KOM:     2:33.31
Sprint:    29.47
Lap:    13:42.03
Max:    66.2km/h
Zipp 808/Disc Combo
KOM:     2:33.26 
Sprint:    29.38
Lap:    13:39.17
Max:    66.5km/h


When it comes to these steady-state tests, more (wheel) is better! The 808/Disc combo rates best across all tests. The 202 may come into their own on a long steeper climb, I'll re-test if one ever pops up on Watopia. For now, keep levelling up if you haven't unlocked all the Zipps yet!



Michael Wagner said...

Any chance you plan to test various road bike models and see if they make any difference at all? We know the TT bike is faster, but is a Specialized Venge faster than say a Pinarello F8, or whatever?

Shane Miller said...

It'll take a few hours... so if I get the time I'll do it. Not on the cards at the moment.