Thursday, 28 January 2016

Canyon SRAM Zwift Ride with Tiffany Cromwell - Tour Down Under - 2016

For their final trick at the Tour Down Under, Zwift pulled a rabbit out of their hat and announced they've partnered with Canyon-SRAM professional women's team for 2016 and would be using Zwift as a talent ID platform for female racers. The Canyon-SRAM Racing Zwift Academy Project is GO!

More details on the project can be found all over the Internets, and in upcoming press releases.

Like the two events earlier in the week, I was given a backstage pass at Ergo Fitness to come along in person. I took the opportunity to sneak in The Cycling Maven, who was super keen to ask Tiff a few interesting questions for his daily vlog. But not before I got my own 'viewer question' answered during the global live feed....

For more llamas, visit and  And for more info, visit the official team site

The Cycling Maven -

Full 1hr Broadcast -

Backstage Pass Pics - 

Hands down the best looking pro bike colour scheme for 2016!

Tiff and Vonm

The team behind the scenes working hard.

Cycling Maven - He can't look any more excited! :)

Cheers R. Wilson for carrying the theme. #llamas! 

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