Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Zwift Racing How-To 101: Racing the KISS Leagues

So you're part of a cycling team who's signed up to race a Zwift KISS Racing League.... but you haven't used Zwift before!? You'll need to cover a few bases first before clipping in and rolling out for your first virtual peloton experience.

Here's my comprehensive resource guide to take you from ZERO to virtual HERO in your pain cave.

Note: Some of these resources have the older Zwift branding and setup screens. The principles and information are all still accurate and relevant today.


The KISS Super League will require use of a Smart Trainer as the power source as well as a heart rate monitor for rider verification. Connecting these devices depends on what you're running the Zwift application on.

Bluetooth Smart devices connected to mobile devices or AppleTV pair in much the same way as ANT+. The Zwift application does the paring process.

RACE TIP: Remember to enter your correct user details for the KISS Racing Leagues. This includes Name, age, height, and weight. You should also complete a few rides to familiarise yourself with your equipment and establish power baselines.


Trainer mats, fans, side tables, towels. It's important to have an optimal environment for training and racing indoors. Here's a walk-through of two premium indoor 'caves'.

RACE TIP: Prepare everything well in advance as you'll never know what technical hiccups you may encounter. Indoors you'll likely use twice the number of bidons so prepare more drink than you'll need (any excess can be used to pour over your head... just watch the electronics!)


RACE TIP: KISS Super League events will all be easily identifiable in the Zwift Companion App. If you're part of the KISS Super League you'll be automatically enrolled in the race events. When you log in you'll see "JOIN EVENT" button in the bottom left of your screen.

DO NOT click the "Leave" button for your race event from within the drop-in screen.  Doing so will prevent you from automatically joining the race.  If you mistakenly click the "Leave" button, you must restart the Zwift application to properly join the KISS Super League race.


RACE TIP: The gloves are off when the flag drops in a race! Expect 7-8w/kg starts in ALL RACES. Be prepared when the clock hits GO! A good warm-up is a must. And hold the wheel! Here's more detail on drafting other riders:


ZwiftInsider has a full and comprehensive list of in-game power ups and how to use them published here: https://zwiftinsider.com/powerups/


It's up to you and your team how the races play out. Hold the wheel, attack, counter attack. It's bike racing as you know it. 

Good Luck!

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