Wednesday, 6 July 2016

....As Seen on YouTube!

A side step over YouTube has proven to be more successful than I could have thought. I've been tapping away on the blog here for many years, hitting over a few thousand hits with every post. The numbers over on YouTube far exceed that reach - so - that's where a lot of my content will be uploaded.

Detailed reviews and tales will still appear on here, so keep dropping by!

I'm almost on episode 30.... so head over and subscribe to the channel for updates of new videos.


Unknown said...

Which trainer do your prefer? I have read your reviews and I assume the tacx neo and kicker? Why do you bother with the others? Obviously the rollers for technique etc. The others just to review?

Shane Miller - GPLama said...

I find the Kickr gives the best all round real-world responsiveness for virtual rides. The LeMond Revolution for best 'feel' though, but it isn't smart.

I'll ride every trainer I can get my hands on so I'm in a position to answer the exact question you've asked. Always something to learn or experience.

Unknown said...

Cool. Great answer. Do you find you have an advantage or disadvantage riding a kickr in kwift races compared to others who might ride dumb trainers? Not that it is do or die racing but I am interested say riding my kurt kinetic and passing somone on a kwift whether there is any difference between them

Shane Miller - GPLama said...

Power is power... so if they're measuring power the same, it doesn't matter in theory. In practice standard trainers have an advantage on downhills due to not changing resistance, on the flip side, smart trainers might make you push harder up a hill by applying more resistance. The experience a smart trainer gives wins hands down for having fun. :)